Understanding High Cholesterol: Risks, Causes, and Management 


High cholesterol can make fatty stuff stick in your blood tubes. It can block blood flow, making it hard for your heart and brain to get enough oxygen.

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High cholesterol means having too much fat in your blood. These extra fats can stick together and make plaque which blocks your blood vessels. This test tells you if you have increased those fats in your blood. Whether it’s a problem depends on how old you are, whether you’re a boy or girl, and if you’ve had heart issues.


There are two kinds of fats in your blood: Good and bad. Good fat, called HDL, is like a helper. It takes away extra cholesterol to keep things balanced. LDL, can stick together and make a mess in your blood vessels, like a clog in a pipe. It can make your heart not work well.

So, having more good cholesterol is good for your heart. Eating healthy, moving around, and seeing the doctor can help keep your heart happy and strong. They’ll check your fats and give you tips to stay healthy.


Good cholesterol, like a superhero, helps clean your blood. It takes away extra cholesterol, which can be bad for your heart. It helps keep your blood vessels clear and your heart strong, like a clean pipe that water flows through easily.


Bad cholesterol is like a troublemaker in your blood. It sticks together and clogs your blood vessels, blocking them up. It makes it hard for blood to flow. Over time, it can hurt your heart and cause problems. Keeping LDL cholesterol low is essential for a healthy heart.

When to Test Your Cholesterol:

Cholesterol can be a problem since you’re young, so doctors suggest starting tests early.

For Kids and Teens: Check cholesterol yearly from age 5 to 9. If parents have high cholesterol, you might start sooner.

For Boys: Check every year from age 5 to 45.

From 45 to 65, check every 1-2 years. After 65, check every year.

For Girls: Check every year from age 5 to 55. 

From 55 to 65, check every 1-2 years. After 65, check every year.

Your doctor will talk with you to decide what’s best. Sometimes, younger people with high cholesterol need tests every year. People with heart risks might also need more tests.

Causes of High Cholesterol:

High cholesterol can happen because of how you live and what you inherit. How you live affects it:

Smoking: It’s bad for your “good cholesterol” and makes “bad cholesterol” go up.

Stress: When you’re stressed, your body produces more cholesterol.

Too much alcohol: It can raise your total cholesterol.

Not moving: Sitting a lot can lower your “good cholesterol.”

Food also matters. Some foods can raise or lower cholesterol. Doctors might suggest changing what you eat to help.


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