Learn About Stress And Its Prevention Tips

Nowadays, Stress is common, it happens to anyone irrespective of their age. It is a feeling of emotional and physical tension. Stress makes you frustrated, angry and nervous. Stress symptoms show through behavior, thought and body. 


There are various reasons behind stress- rotating work, facing big changes in life , work overload, lots of pressure, worrying about something, having too many responsibilities,  discrimination and harassment, childhood trauma etc. 

Link Between Stress And Heart Health 

Stress can harm mental and physical health. When stress becomes prolonged, the risk of numerous health issues impacts heart health. It can cause high blood pressure as well as blood sugar. It increases inflammation in the body, as well as cholesterol and triglycerides. If you notice unusual signs related to heart health, it is essential to consult with the best cardiologist in Punjab

Prevention Tips to Reduce the Stress 

  • Eat Healthy Food: Avoid junk food and eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables, such as avocados, oranges, and oysters, to reduce feelings of anxiety. 
  • Get Enough Sleep: To relax the body, improve concentration, and make and sharpen judgment. Sleep is a powerful stress reducer. 
  • Avoid Drugs: Using drugs may cause mental illness for the first time, so avoid drugs (alcohol, cigarettes or even food).
  • Do exercise daily: Do exercises like yoga and meditation to relax the mind. 
  • Take breaks: When you feel pressure from work, study or something else, take a break.  
  • Connect With Community: Meet new people, make new friendships, participate in activities you are interested in, and be part of the Community. 
  • Make Time For Hobbies: The time you spend on a hobby has the potential to enrich you as a person. 

High levels of stress contribute to heart problems such as stroke and blood pressure. If you are facing any issues regarding heart problems, consult with the best cardiologist in Punjab at Deepak Heart Institute.  

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