Sit Less and Move More to Keep Your Heart Healthy

We all know that less movement leads to various heart problems like heart attacks, etc. When we hear exercise the only method we know of keeping our body healthy is either gymming or running. 

But exercise is not limited to these methods only. The rule of less sitting and more movement will help you in improving your heart health. From the report of the best Best Heart Hospital in Ludhiana, it is concluded that most of the youngsters in the city are facing heart issues just because of their routine of sitting for many hours. 

An intense workout is not only an option. Modern people need to understand that a simple walking routine can also make a huge change in their heart health. It’s better to take frequent breaks from regular sitting and walk for a few minutes frequently for a healthy heart. 

After covid, people tend to spend more time sitting when they are awake. According to the research, less sitting and some walking during the regular sitting routine is necessary. 

Use Smart Devices to Track Heart Health

Nowadays smartwatches are very common, which helps people to constantly monitor their heart health. Research of over ten lacs people, according to the data of their smartwatch records, concluded that smart devices are actually capable of precisely tracking heart health. And these devices also warn about long sitting hours. 

Sitting in one place for more than four hours is not healthy. But due to our hectic life, we have to sit at work for even more than 8 hours. What to do then? Frequent walk breaks are the best idea to make your heart feel good. 

Logic Behind Less Sitting and More Moving

When we sit for a prolonged time in one place, then our muscles become less active. Less active muscles means an increase in sugar level in the body. Movement of muscles and walking helps in burning fat. And this makes each organ healthy inside our body. 

Therefore, less sitting and more walking is like charging up the body. Body movement also contributes to fat burning in the body. 

Expert Recommendations

Experts of Deepak Heart Institute  have suggested some tips to improve your overall wellness, weight management, diabetes control, and keeping your heart strong. 

  • Track your sitting time ( you can do it either manually or with devices like smartwatches, etc.) 
  • Try to move or walk more and sit less 
  • Walk during office hours ( in frequent breaks) 
  • Use stairs instead of the lift
  • For roaming around the market walk instead of going by bike or car

Some tasks like calling, discussion and chatting can be done while walking. These are the simple and practical recommendations that will help you to make your heart strong even in a hectic life schedule. 

Additional Tips for a Healthy Heart

Diet: For a healthy heart, one should need to eat a diet full of fruit, veggies and proteins. 

Don’t Smoke: Smoking is one of the common causes of heat illness. 

Stress Management: Stress can contribute to heart illness. One should look for proper stress management like yoga, meditation, and spending some time in nature. 

Adequate Sleep: Sleep with full relaxment for 7-8 hours at night. 
It is important to visit the Hospital for regular heart checkups. Regular checkups allow you to understand your heart condition precisely.

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