Lifestyle Modifications to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is an ailment that can harm us significantly. We often fail to detect this ailment in our daily lives and it can prove to be a silent killer in the long run. But, we can take medicines prescribed by the doctor for reducing this condition. Also, we can make some changes in our daily lives that can help us to get the job done. Let us find out several lifestyle changes that can be made to control this condition in the following paragraphs.  

1. Eat healthy

Make sure to consume those food items that do not contain much cholesterol or fat. Such food items consist of vegetables, fresh fruits, and dairy products that are low in the content of fat. This particular approach is referred to as the DASH diet. This type of diet consists of poultry, lean meats, nuts, and fish. It also contains lots of fiber and protein. Make sure to stay away from the consumption of red meats, sugary beverages, as well as sweets.

2. Remain active

Make it a point to be physically active for a minimum of 150 minutes every week. It is because workouts can aid in the reduction of weight as well as hypertension. Try to perform certain aerobic exercises that will make your heart and lungs function a bit harder. It will be a sensible idea to go for things such as cycling, swimming, brisk walking, dancing, and so forth. Other activities such as cleaning windows will also help you to lower blood pressure.

3. Reduce your intake of salt

The target of every person should be to restrict his intake of sodium to 2,000 mg per day. According to most physicians, controlling the intake of salt is perhaps the most important point when it comes to reducing hypertension. Most of the sodium consumed by us comes from eating out and processed food items.  These foods contain around 70% of the total salt that we ingest every day. The intake of excess salt can be reduced by cooking our food items at home and controlling the amount of salt.

4. Quit smoking and restrict the consumption of alcohol

In case we smoke cigarettes or consume alcohol, there will be an increase in the levels of high blood pressure in the short term. We can suffer from sustained hypertension in case we indulge in drinking alcohol and smoking for a long time. As per the advice of the physicians, it will not be a good idea for males to consume more than 2 servings of alcohol daily. Females must not drink in excess of 1 serving of alcohol regularly.  


Let us hope that you stick to the guidelines mentioned in this article to control your blood pressure levels. Thus, you will not suffer from any heart issues and you need not consult any cardiologist in Ludhiana as well. If you are searching for the best heart hospital in Ludhiana then Deepak Heart Institute will be the best solution for you. It can boast of having several competent doctors who will take care of your heart health.

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