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Why do you need to take care of your heart? It doesn’t make much sense to focus your attention on a single organ.

The heart is a vital organ for our survival, but so are the liver, brain and other organs. But yes, a healthy heart should be your prime concern.

Heart patients need quality care at the time of their need, any negligence in the treatment can cost them their lives. If you or anybody you know is suffering from any heart condition then you must visit Best Heart Hospital in Ludhiana.

A Cardiologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disorders. They try and determine what problem may be arising from the heart and if surgery is determined as the best treatment option over just medications, then they can direct patients to a cardiac surgeon for procedures such as bypass surgery or heart valve replacement or even transplants if necessary. There are many good Cardiologist in Ludhiana who specialize in all kinds of cardiac treatments and procedures.

One of the prominent conditions related to the heart is Blockage of the heart.


Angioplasty is formed by the combination of two words; Angio meaning “blood vessel” and Plasty means “to open”. 

Angioplasty means surgical operations to open the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart muscle also called “coronary arteries”.

It Restores blood flow to the heart muscles without requiring an open heart operation.

It can be done as an emergency procedure during a heart attack, or it may be done if the doctor strongly suspects a heart disease.


During this procedure a catheter with a balloon at its tip is inserted into the blocked artery. When the catheter reaches the blockage area, the blood at its tip inflates pushing the plaque or blood clot to the side making room for blood flow.


The doctors use fluoroscopy during angioplasty procedures. A fluoroscopy is a special type of X-Ray in the form of a movie. It helps the doctor to locate the area of blockage.


This procedure is used to clear and remove the blockage in the arteries. A catheter with a rotating tip is inserted in the artery and the tip breaks down the plaque build up.


Stent is a tiny metal mesh coil. It is expandable inside the coronary artery. It is placed in the coronary artery usually just after angioplasty to prevent the artery from narrowing again also known as restenosis(The process of healing of the artery after angioplasty).

Types of cardiac stent:

  •  Bare metal stent: These stents are made up of stainless steel with no coating on it. The healing after angioplasty leads to growth of scar tissues keeping it in its place. 
  • Drug eluting stent: These stents are coated with medicine which is released after the stent is placed. The medicine prevents the growth of blood clots but the healing is delayed.
  • Bioengineered stent: These stents are coated with antibiotics which fastens the natural healing process. This type of stent not only prevents restenosis but also reduces the risk of clot formation.
  • Bioresorbable vascular scaffold: This type of scaffold is absorbed by the body over a period of time. These are not very effective, because with time chances of restenosis increases and healing of the arterial lining is delayed.

A patient is prescribed medicines called antiplatelets which lowers the ability of the platelets to stick to the stent.


If you or someone you know is suffering from any heart conditions and may require an angioplasty procedure. Then you may come to Deepak Heart Institute for your treatment. They are the provider of world-class cardiac treatment and care using the state of the art equipment and procedures at modest prices.

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