A Successful Bypass Surgery At Deepak Heart Institute

Heart problems can never be ignored as they put life at risk and also invade our day-to-day activities. An individual suffering from a heart problem faces restrictions to live life normally like others, which makes it difficult to get through every single day. 

In this video, Miss Manpreet Kaur, the daughter of the patient Sardar Harbhajan Singh, talks about the heart issue the patient was experiencing and the treatment they received from Deepak Heart Institute that helped to restore the health of the patient. 

The doctor diagnosed the patient with blocked veins that were leading to his declining health. However, with the help of Dr. Kulwant Singh, the patient was able to get back on their feet.

At Deepak Heart Hospital, the patients receive treatments with utter care and gentle handling, which makes the hospital stand out from all other hospitals. 

The whole patient’s journey of surgery proceeded with high-standard services. The encouraging environment and the supportive staff of Deepak Heart Hospital helped the patients to get through the intricate procedure of surgery with ease and showed them a ray of hope once again.

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